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We provide a supportive learning environment for children six weeks to 12 years old • The ABEKA Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers; and for our  Preschool Program we offer the ABEKA Curriculum •  Nutritional meals areapproved by the Federal Food Program.


When your infant or toddler is in the care of Genesis Learning Academy, he or she is constantly under the loving eye of First Aid and CPR-certified staff who are educated and trained to work with babies and children. Parents can trust that their child has access to individualized attention and doting affection!This program is based on ABEKA CURRICULUM, which is a developmentally focused program that encourage individually assessed learning opportunities.


Our preschool program is based on The Abeka Curriculum, which emphasizes the importance of critical and independent thinking in young children. A combination of outdoor and indoor play, cooperation with other children and our devoted staff, and supported learning in a welcoming environment creates a warm atmosphere perfect for preschoolers to learn in! 

Daily Before & After School Care

When you’re a working family with school-age children, finding reliable before- and after-school care can be hard to come by. We've got you covered.

Our before- and after-care programs go well beyond homework help. We support children in becoming the kindest, most capable, and most resilient version of themselves. That means giving each child the space, encouragement, and materials they need to follow their passions—whether they want to start a drama club, build a volcano, or create a comic book. No matter where their talents take them, we create positive communities of friends with games, STEM projects, creative arts, and plenty of playtime to keep kids happy, bright, and healthy.




Schedules are not always as stable as we would hope; accidents happen, emergencies do arise, and sometimes it's just more feasible to drop your child off to a center that can be a place where you a secure in your child's care. 


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In a perfect world, we would spend the whole summer at home with our children. However, that can’t always happen! When it can’t, we are here to help. While your kids are out of school for the summer, enroll them in one of our many summer programs! Your child is sure to have fun while staying active, challenging his or her creativity, and developing relationships with other children while under the guidance of our loving, passionate staff.

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